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Tweet No, this isn’t about taking time to do business development during your busiest period.  That’s not happening. Instead, I want to tell you about a tax season accounting marketing trick that almost all of my highest revenue clients who serve for-profit entities employ because it routinely provides an infusion of new (and potentially significant) […]

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A focused network of prospective clients, referring professionals and people of influence can add tremendous value in your accounting marketing to attract new, premium clients.

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Tweet If you’ve been in the business for a while you know that – all things being reasonably equal – accountants who are the most adept at accounting marketing make the most money and wind up as equity partners in their firm. That’s because accounting, like every other form of professional services, places a premium […]

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Tweet Every practitioner who is engaged in accounting marketing is aware of how providers of all types of goods and services are turning to social media as an increasingly important component of their marketing efforts. Which leads to the question:  Should providers of accounting services be getting on the same bus? Can you add new […]

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Tweet Here’s the scenario: Your new client opportunity is a two year old cutting edge digital advertising firm that is cash positive, growing rapidly and looking like it will be a real success.  They’ve outgrown TurboTax and are now in the market for an accounting firm.  Unfortunately, you’ve been told that you are competing against […]

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Tweet The element that drives most accounting firm marketing is that people need the services of professional accountants.  There is no choice for most consumers.  Producing accurate P & L information is a daunting task and the tax codes are too complex. In light of this reality, the vast majority of accounting business development is […]

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Tweet In the 1984 movie Ghostbusters Rick Moranis played Louis, a geeky and somewhat repellant accountant.  Throughout the movie he would attempt to drum up more business by occasionally asking people, “Who does your taxes?”   Not surprisingly, this approach wasn’t successful. So how do you ask someone if you can handle their accounting needs? How […]

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Tweet We’ve all met (or heard about) those accountants who have a natural talent for business development. They’re the ones consistently finding and signing up “A” level clients and maintaining a profitable book of business of $1,000,000 or even considerably more. I’m now going to tell you their secret … the one thing they all […]

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Tweet Becoming proficient at marketing accounting services is the key to earning hundreds of thousands of dollars in additional career earnings when compared to traditional passive business development practices.  If this is a goal you wish to achieve you can do it.  Just like Claire is.  You’re already smart enough and know enough.  But, it […]

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Why Create a Marketing Plan?

Tweet You’d like to add clients, build revenue, make more money and increase the value of your practice but don’t really have a plan to do so.  Most practitioners address this challenge by simply adding new clients with little regard to a bigger, longer term picture. This is not how the most financially successful accountants […]

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